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Checks Unlimited Reviews

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  • Unhappy with my order

    I just want to share my experience with you all. I order checks and saw there was a deal in the newspaper but by the time they add all these extra fees your paying more then you thought. I receive the checks and they printed a different number on my deposit slips which I call and ask them to redo it but they won't. I've called many times to to have them redo or let me return them and they won't, but offered me a $5.00 discount coupon for future purchases. I will never order from them!!!! They advertise Satisfaction Guarantee but I guess they don't know what that... More...
    Eddie042017's Picture   Eddie042017    0 Comments   Comments
  • Checks Unlimited - no checks ever arrived after 4 weeks

    My gut told me no, the bank charges for new checks said yes.I read all of the reviews and should have ordered from Walmart or the bank. My son is hearing impaired. I helped him order (on my computer) and pay (with my credit card) on December 12th. The website showed his order went out on December 14th. Today is January 10th and he hasn't received the checks yet. I called Checks Unlimited today since he is at one of his two full time jobs. I have the paperwork in front of me since I placed the order. I don't need any information at all except please send another order of checks... More...
  • Unethical business practices

    I ordered checks from this company, not realizing I had ordered from them 6 YEARS before. I sent my payment for the checks with my order. Along with my checks, I received a bill in the mail for an ADDITIONAL $68.65 (that's a total of $88 for 4 small boxes of checks When I called customer service, and told them I would send the checks back due to the exhorbitant price, I was told that was not necessary. Now I am getting collections notices demanding the $68. An ethical business practice would have been to notify the customer BEFORE printing the checks for your approval of the... More...
  • Checks Unlimited poor quality

    I recently ordered four boxes of checks to the tune of over $120.00 because I had my own four photos put on the checks. They just arrived and the quality is terrible. The photos are so faded that you cannot even tell what they are photos of. I am so disappointed. When I called to ask if that was normal when you downloaded your own photos, I was told yes. It was explained that the bank cannot read checks with vibrant colors...then how on earth do they read the PREPRINTED checks that are vibrant??? I am so unhappy with the checks and would not recommend this company to anyone wanting... More...
    Judiayoung's Picture   Judiayoung    0 Comments   Comments
  • Checks Unlimited

    Worst company to order checks from. They are thieves and added an extra $30 to my total and when i called to see why they over charged me they said oh these are costs that automatically get added no big suprise so i wanted to cancel my order they said sorry checks are already being printed even though i called right away and you can't get your money back! Such a rip off...I will never use them again! More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    ssalas1's Picture   ssalas1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Hidden charges, poor quality product.

    I ordered checks several days ago from this company. I tried to order them on-line since I had ordered from them before but, when I got to the end of the order, an unexpected charge showed up. I called & asked why this was on here, he said it is a "handling" charge which is in addition to shipping charges already added to each order. I told him to cancel the order, he did but, talked me into doing another order without secure shipping. A little while later I checked other check ordering places on line & found much cheaper prices with NO hidden charges. I called cks unlim... More...
    sueraney's Picture   sueraney    0 Comments   Comments
  • Checks Unlimited- Checks

    I ordered checks on line on 6/28/13. I paid for 2 day shipping (paid $11.95 extra for this). The order confirmation states " Expect your checks to arrive 2 business days after the order has been processed" I assumed a few days for processing. Instead as of today 7/5/13 my status on the web site says "pending" I called & spoke to a very nice lady who states printing takes 6 to 8 business days which means I "might" have my order a week from today (2 weeks total). She stated I didn't choose "in-plant rush". I didn't even see the... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    BeverlyS's Picture   BeverlyS    0 Comments   Comments
  • Checks Unlimited: Horrible company to deal with!

    I placed an order with them for checks and a leather cover back in June. The checks showed up in reasonable time, with a note stating that "accessories will follow in 2 to 4 weeks". A month later, and I had no cover, so I submitted an online inquiry to their customer "service" (Quotes, since they actually provide nothing resembling service) form, asking for a status. Two weeks later, I got a cryptic response from "Bobby", telling me that it could take up to 4 weeks for the accessories to show up -- this is in late August, after I explained that the order was... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    sgreppucci's Picture   sgreppucci    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible, horrible horrible!!!

    Hours of calls later I still have no checks. They implied for extra money on top of what they charge for normal S&H I can have UPS traceable delivery. This is misleading as their agreement with UPS is to deliver the package to USPS to final delivery to the customer. All tracking says my package was delivered, yet I have nothing. Their shipping methods are completely misleading. After I called, they informed me that I needed to pay for 2 day delivery to actually have UPS deliver the checks, I am still trying to figure out why even say they will be delivered by UPS at all!! After... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    kbcall's Picture   kbcall    1 Comments   Comments
  • Takes forever

    I ordered checks about a month ago and have not yet received them. I paid standard shipping and handling fee. They were shipped on March 13 and today is April 2. Phone rep said it can take up to 20 business days after shipping to receive them. They want us to pay more for expedited shipping. I would think the amount I paid for S&H should cover at least second class mail. They said they are shipped FOURTH CLASS! Pony express would be quicker. I will never use this company again. More...
    rich5u's Picture   rich5u    2 Comments   Comments
  • SLOW!

    I ordered from checks unlimited because I love the different styles they offer...HOWEVER, I ended waiting 3 weeks for my checks too arrive! It stated 7-10 business days for them to be here and I ended up waiting close to 20! VERY SLOW SHIPPING!!!! When I FINALLY got them, they were nice! BUT the waiting for them was ridiculous! More...
    cowwax's Picture   cowwax    0 Comments   Comments
  • check ordering

    I have ordered checks from this company for the past 6 years. I ordered a new set and wanted them sent to my same address I had them sent to 8 months ago when they came fine. Needless to say the woman on the phone that I ordered from 1. was rude and not kind at all, so I know she messed up my order b/c I had to complain about her a supervisor in customer service. 2. the checks NEVER came to my address and they went to my OLD address that I lived at 2 years ago. Wait it gets better, I called a supervisor and said I wanted my checks pronto and how unhappy I was about their service of... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Ayanna09's Picture   Ayanna09    0 Comments   Comments
  • Checks - personal

    I purchased personal checks from this company. When they arrived they were checks for another couple in a different state. All of their personal information - checking account/routing/phone/address etc. was printed on the checks. I called the lady to let her know I had received her checks and went to the post office to overnite them to her. Having talked with checks unlimited several times with no remorse for having screwed up this account and not to mention my own. I just received a phone call that they have located my checks- but could not tell me what state they went to. You made a... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Flyangel's Picture   Flyangel    0 Comments   Comments


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